Animal postcards published by Charles K. Reed

Black bear, published by Charles K. Reed, 1914-1915

Charles K. Reed used Harry F. Harvey’s services for the first time in 1913 to finish the book “Western Bird Guide,” which had been partly produced by Chester A. Reed.

A business relationship developed between Charles and Mr. Harvey. In 1914, Mr. F. Harvey produced a series of color drawings of animals that Charles used for a series of postcards that he published in 1914 and 1915.

The drawings were also used in the book “Animal Guide,” published in May 1915. It was the last volume of the collection “Reed’s Nature Books” published by Charles K. Reed.


Interesting fact:

Postcard collectors might find it interesting that the postcard #28 – Black Bear (shown above) – was part of Mr. Theodore Roosevelt’s collection. He was President of the United States between 1901 and 1909. (see article #660)

At the time, one postcard cost 1 penny. For $1.00, you could get 125 postcards showing birds, flowers and animals. A minimum of 10 cards was required for mail orders.

The drawings shown in this photo gallery are taken from the original drawings kept by the Reed family. A few drawings were taken from postcards, when the originals were damaged with time.

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