Flyer, 1915

This flyer introduces the book “Animal Guide” published by Charles K. Reed on May 1, 1915. 30,000 copies were printed for the book’s first edition. (1) We can then guess that the flyer was published between June 1915 and January 1916.

It also includes the book “Tree Guide” by Julia Ellen Rogers, published in 1914 by “Doubleday, Page & Company.” The book is an enigma, considering that it was structure the exact same way as the “Reed’s Guides” edited by Charles K. Reed. No mention was found in the Reed family archives about any involvement from Charles in the publication of the book.

However, on a letter header for the “Nature Guide” published by Charles K. Reed, there are 6 books printed in the border, including Mrs. Rogers’ book.

Charles K. Reed would probably not have presented the book as one of his publications if it wasn’t. It leads us to speculate that Charles contributed to the publication of the book and sold his rights to “Doubleday, Page & Company.” Including the book in a header with other books using the format of Chester A. Reed’s “Bird Guides” and in a flyer among books edited by Charles K. Reed is worth contemplating.

On the last page, we can see a set of the 4 books “The Pocket Nature Library” sold in a box assembling a collection of the “Reed’s Nature Guides” in one package. Charles K. Reed had suggested to “Doubleday, Page & Company” to include the book “Animal Guide” in the collection. Starting in 1914, “D., P. & C.” commercialized all books published by Charles K. Reed.(2)

Note that the last picture is Charles K. Reed’s business letter header.


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