Miniature Bird Pictures, Drawings by Chester A. Reed, Published by Chas. K. Reed, 1914

The educational market was always an important clientele in Charles K. Reed’s business plans. In 1901, he popularized his magazine, “American Ornithology for the Home and School“, by getting into the school system.
Charles was creative and innovative in business. In 1914, he suggested to elementary school teachers to use a series of 80 miniature bird cards (3 inches by 4 inches) to reward children for good school work.

On one side, we can see the bird drawn by Chester A. Reed. On the other side, there is a description of the bird, its environment and its area of dispersion. The mini cards were probably among the first academic rewards and most certainly the first using birds in color.




In this presentation, you will see 27 original drawings kept by the Reed family. You can consult the slideshow of the presentation.