Postcards of Flowers, drawings by Chester Albert Reed Published by Chas. K. Reed, 1914 – 1915

Probably at the end of 1914 or the beginning of 1915, Charles K. Reed published a series of 50 colored postcards on the theme of wild flowers. All drawings were signed by his son, Chester A. Reed.

The series had two parts: Series A and Series B. The first picture in the photo gallery shows an ad produced in 1915. Numbers 1 to 25 were in the Series B and numbers 26 to 50 were in the Series A.

Most of the drawings used for the postcards were used in the card game “Game of Wild Flowers” published by Charles in 1914.




Here is the slideshow of the presentation. for postcards of flowers published by Charles K. Reed between 1914 and 1915.