Reed’s Bird Store

Brochure published around 1908

Charles K. Reed had just moved into his new store at 238 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts. It was 1908, an important business period for Charles. He was slowly giving up taxidermy to reshape his store into a pet shop, like at the beginning of his career in 1875.

The brochure was produced by Chester A. Reed. It offered a series of tips and tricks on the care of aquarium fish, as well as cage birds such as canaries and parrots.

He answered many questions that people still ask about their favorite animals nowadays.

Both fish drawings published in Charles K. Reed’s advertising brochure were taken from the book “Goldfish, Aquaria and Ferneries,” published by Chester A. Reed and edited by his father, Charles K. Reed, in 1908.

You can consult the slideshow of the presentation.