Worcester Natural History Society

The Reed family’s history is closely related to the Worcester Natural History Society. The whole family has once been a member of the institution.

Chester A. Reed gave many conferences on ornithology to students and adults in the museum’s rooms, from 1901 to 1908. In 1907, the museum bought a collection of birds naturalized by Chester. In 1908, he became the curator and director of the museum until the end of his life.

His mother, Carrie B. Reed, was a volunteer and his father, Charles K. Reed, became a member of the museum in 1914.

The Worcester Natural History Society was created in 1825 and still plays an important role in the community in Worcester and in the field of science education.

Since 1998, it is named the “EcoTarium.”

If you plan to visit Massachusetts, you should include a stop at the museum in your itinerary.